I am an ordinary person who looks at what is happening around us!

We realized that we just need to think about the environment, about excessive consumption, about the redistribution of resources between people!

Today everyone understands how we all need to become better for the whole world.


The same cannot be said about organizations such as Cotton Champagne (, which for many years have been fighting the violation of democratic freedoms in the collection of cotton. They are real heroes! And I and millions more people from Uzbekistan and other countries of the world want to thank you so much! For so many years you have remained indifferent to the problems that were in our country under President Karimov. And you people from other countries who have nothing to do with Uzbekistan have shown their courage, found the time and means to fight the horror that happened in our country!

You are real Heroes!


As everyone knows, the new President, Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, who was elected by the people by voting who passed under the control of the whole World and no one found violations and falsifications.

The new President has chosen a democratic path!

And immediately he began the struggle to violate the rights of people, and in particular, attracting children to pick cotton. In recent years, you could see these colossal changes on the road to democracy and respect for human rights!

This is your great merit!


On behalf of millions of people from Uzbekistan, I urge you to remove the boycott from the cotton of Uzbekistan. In those years that passed under the Uzbek cotton, they were not in vain and they have already borne fruit. They will bring the greatest fruits in the future, since the practice of attracting people to pick cotton will never be repeated in Uzbekistan under President Mirziyoyev!


Now the boycott has become a burden that does not allow millions of people of Uzbekistan to work for a decent salary. The cost of products manufactured in Uzbekistan is too low due to the fact that the products are under sanctions.

I urge you to remove this boycott!


Now it is doing great harm to those people for whose rights you have fought for many years!